How to create a termbase in GlobalSight?

Having your termbase stored in a centralized place such as GlobalSight makes it easier for your linguist to access the most recent, approved translations for your product/service names or terminology that is specific to your industry. (termbase, translation glossary and terminology database all refer to the same in language services industry)

To start a new termbase in GlobalSight:

  1. Click on Setup > Terminology (if you do not see this item in your menu, contact your administrator for the necessary permissions)
    Create termbase in GlobalSight
  2. Click New
  3. Enter the name for your termbase and a description if needed (for example, if you have multiple termbases for different projects, you can provide explanation in the Description field)Define termbase details in GlobalSight
  4. Select the languages for your termbase (you can remove the ones that are in the default list if necessary)
    • If you have different variations of one language, for example Spanish from Spain and Spanish from Mexico, choose Sort order by Locale
    • If you want to share the same language glossary across different flavours of the same language, choose Sort Order by Language
  5. Define additional fields for your termbase if necessary such as a definition field (you can always modify them later)
      • Click Add and then select an appropriate value from the Field Type drop down box.
      • Click OK to save the settings

    Define termbase fields in GlobalSight

Once you created Term base, you need to connect it to your project. Depending on your content and company/project structure, you may chose to maintain one global termbase or multiple termbases for different projects.

Attaching a termbase to a project in GlobalSight

    1. Click on Set up > Project
    2. Click on the name of the project for which you would like to assign the termbase
    3. Chose the termbase from the drop down menu

Attach termbase to a project in GlobalSight

4. Click Save  

Using the termbase during translation

Once you create a new termbase and attach it to your project, your translation team will be able to use it real time in any of the on-line editors. Translation glossaries are also available for offline use and are included in the package that translators download from GlobalSight.
View termbase matches in GlobalSight