What is GlobalSight?

GloblSight is an open source translation management system (TMS), a perfect software solution for language service providers that want to become more efficient in managing their translation tasks. It offers all the functionality and connectivity that is needed to successfully and efficiently execute a translation or localization project.

GlobalSight Workflow Management

Workflow Management
Manage all translation projects through a centralized system, assign work to individual  linguists or teams.

GlobalSight Online Offline Translation

Translate Online or Offline
Let the linguists translate offline using their own CAT tools or give them access to browser based online translation interface.

GlobalSight Client Integration

Client Engagement
Connect client content repositories directly to GlobalSight and let them send their content for translation with a single click.

GlobalSight Cloud TM

Centralized Translation Memory
Maintenance-free central translation memory repository. Share with teams across the globe in real time.
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