GlobalSight Training

Our goal is to get you up, running and self-sufficient in as little time as possible. We know it is not fun getting lost in the jargon if you are a beginner. We also know that it is not fun to watch a video about the things you have already mastered.  All our training sessions are completely customized to match the knowledge level of your staff
GlobalSight ProjectManager Training GlobalSight Translator Training GlobalSight Administrator Training
Project Manager Training Linguist Training Administrator Training
  • Upload files and create jobs
  • Assign and re-assign a linguist
  • Create quotes
  • Monitor job progress
  • Cancel jobs
  • Share information with linguists
  • Download translated files
  • Finalize projects
  • Manage translation memories
  • Manage glossary/terminology
  • Troubleshoot common issues
  • Accept or reject jobs
  • Access project information
  • Translate online
  • Translate offline
  • Use translation memories
  • Use glossary and terminology
  • Create and edit segment comments
  • Update leverage, use MT assist
  • Configure GlobalSight
  • Set up translation memories
  • Design workflows
  • Manage users and permissions
  • Migrate translation memories
  • Create customers and projects
  • Create filters
  • Manage file extensions
  • Manage file profiles
  • Troubleshoot issues

No one is left behind!

In order to be able to digest the information in the trainings above, you will need to have a basic understanding of the localization process and experience using translaiton tools. If you are new to translation and localization, you can enroll in our online TMS Basic Training which covers: an overview of translation tools, information on localization processes, benefits of using a TMS, an explanation of TMS tools that help increase quality and efficiency, while lowering costs. To learn more about our training options, contact us at [email protected]