Security & Reliability

Without a question, reliability of our servers and data security are the number one priority for Globalme. This is why all our instances are hosted on Amazon’s strong Elastic Compute Cloud infrastructure. Here are a few more good reasons for choosing LocalizationSmart GlobalSight SaaS:


Scalable – Seamlessly switch to a more powerful server the very moment you need it. If you suddenly need a more powerful environment due to increasing volume of users, we won’t leave you waiting while important translation files need to be delivered. Our service enables you to switch to a higher capacity server with minimum down time.


Reliable – Following Amazon’s commitment, we guarantee a 99.95% uptime and around the clock support.
FlexibleFlexibile – We have server instances at different geographic locations including N.America, Europe and Asian. The closer the server is to your operations, the faster the speed.


Secure – We perform full backups daily to minimize the risk of data loss. This also becomes handy if you need to return to an earlier snapshot for a reason.


Knowledgeable – We are not a generic cloud hosting service. GlobalSight and related linguistic services is our focus.  We have years of experience in the industry – when you have a question, we will have an answer.