GlobalSight Features

GlobalSight offers a wide variety of features to support translation department of all sizes. Processes and workflows are fully configurable – use all the functionality, or select only the features you need as part of your GlobalSight SaaS service.

Centralized TM

Centralized and Simplified Translation Memory

No more TM maintenance. GlobalSight translation memories are stored in the cloud and are automatically managed. Even if you have multiple teams working on the same job across the globe, just upload your file and gain maximum real-time leverage.


Workflow Automation

Use one of the workflow templates or use a graphical workflow chart to design your own workflow scenario.

Integrated Machine Translation

Integrated Machine Translation Capability (MT)

GlobalSight provides out-of-box support for Microsoft(Bing) MT, PROMT, Asia Online and TAUS machine translation engines. Just provide your credentials and your team will get inline MT suggestions instantly.

Supported File Types

Multiple file-type support

No more need for copy/paste to get your content translated. GlobalSight supports all common file types – Word, RTF, PowerPoint, Excel, XML, HTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP, JSP, Java Properties, FrameMaker, InDesign, RESX, Portable Object, Passolo 2011 and more.

Offline Translation

Support for Desktop Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools

Open means freedom! Let your team to translate offline using their favorite CAT tool. GlobalSight is compatible with all common CAT tools such as Trados, WordFast, OmegaT and many others.

Online Translation Tool

Multiple Online Translation Interfaces

Translators and editors have access to two different online translation interfaces. A side-by-side editor, which is common in online translation tools and an in-line editor with a more traditional offline look are both available.

Detailed Project Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Stay on top of your translation projects with 25 pre-defined reports and create custom reports for your specific needs.





There are many more features to love. Click here to find out more.