GlobalSight Full List of Features

GlobalSight has number of features that benefits any translation department of any size. Fully automated, it lets you to become more efficient in managing translation jobs and scale your operations. An Open IP is what you need to do any modification in order to use it the way you want to use it.

source url Benefit from translation memories (TM)

watch Centralized TM accessible to anyone, anywhere

watch Easy update to TM upon completion of each task

Align previously translated text and generate TM

Import SDL TM

See matches for In Context Exact, Segment ID-based In-Context Exact, 100%, and fuzzy

Leverage from multiple TMs and on-going translation tasks

Do a concordance search on-line


Flexibility in translation

Translate on-line using In Line Editor or Pop-out Editor

Let translators download and translate off-line using their own CAT tools

Let translator translate excel spread sheets or rtf files, not CAT tools necessary


Automated resource management

Automatically dispatch projects to linguists

Give job priority to specific linguists

Move a job automatically through translation, editing, proofreading and final check

Send automated notification once files are ready for translation

Use predefines workflow templates

Support for multiple vendors or multiple clients


Customize the tool to the way you work

Open IP for development

Connect your website to Globalsight using CMSwithTMS

Customized your workflows to adapt to your internal processes


Machine Translation

Pre translate files using machine translation

Give access to linguists to machine translation

Highly-configurable – This is done with re-usable configuration objects such as

File Profiles

Localization Profiles

Project Profiles

Translation Memories

Translation Memory Profiles

Terminology Databases

Filter Configurations

Workflows, Users, Permission Groups, Locale Pairs, Workflow Activity Types, Rates and so on


Multiple file-type support











Java Properties




Portable Object

Passolo 2011 and so on


Seep progress of your project

See number of problems reported per language

Generate a report with edits

Review Editors Comments Report

Get Reports on terminology audit activity over a given period

Access Details project costs by month

Access vendor PO report

Generate Translation SLA Performance Report