GlobalSight SaaS

With GlobalSight SaaS you can be up and running within days. No need to spend weeks on deployment and configuration. No need for large initial investment, IT support, or TMS knowledge. LocalizationSmart offers everything you need to kick-off your first project and enjoy your own TMS.

Just a few, but big reasons why companies choose GlobalSight SaaS to manage their translation process.

Quick to Get Started

We already have a GlobalSight instance waiting for you.  Let us know your translation process, the users that will be working on GlobalSight and we will set up your workflow profiles, translation memories and user accounts in no time.


Thanks to our unbeatable customer support service our GlobalSight SaaS is unique. Report a ticket or simply contact your account manager to tell us your problem you experience so that we can deploy our rescue team to help you.


The more you know, the easier our job is. We offer in-depth training for administrators, project managers, translators and for those who are complete newbies to the translation space.

No Long Term Commitment

Use our service because you enjoy the benefits and not because you paid for it. No long-term commitment and the ability to exit at any time is flexibility you simply can’t ignore.

Seamless Set Up

Translation Management System implementation and configuration is something you can’t just learn in few days. But we know the GlobalSight from top to bottom, which means we can do it easier and faster.  Save your frustration with the GlobalSight SaaS option offered by LocalizationSmart.

No Administration

No need for your IT department to become experts in yet another application. With GlobalSight Saas you will be up to date with the latest product updates, have daily backups of your data, and have access to the our extensive localization knowledge and experience… which we love to share with our clients.