GlobalSight TMS Integration

TheĀ GlobalSight translation management system integration possibilities are limitless. By connecting it to your internal systems, you can eliminate the traditional manual work flow involved in file exchange, make the localization process easier and faster and reduce localization cost.

GlobalSight <> Web Content Management System

GlobalSight CMS IntegrationContent writers initiate translation jobs from within the content management system by flagging them for translation. There is no need for exporting/importing the content or manual copy/pasting. GlobalSight retrieves the source text directly from the CMS and pushes the translated versions back once the translation workflow is complete. This process is supported by our open source integration platform CMSwithTMS

GlobalSight <> Source Code Repository

GlobalSight Repository IntegrationYou can set up GlobalSight to monitor a source code repository and identify any changes to the resource files. Within an assigned interval, GlobalSight will extract the changed content and create the job automatically. Once the translation complete, translated resource files are pushed to their location on the repository branch

GlobalSight <> Print Materials

GlobalSight Folder IntegrationYou can connect a folder on your FTP or internal server directly to GlobalSight. Once a project manager or a client drops files to that folder, GlobalSight will grab them, create the project and dispatch a translation workflow as defined by your team. Once the translated files are finalized, they are automatically dropped to the target folder.

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