Localization Smart service was born as a result of our clients’ constant need for easier, faster and affordable solutions for their translation management needs.

The demand for our services exceeded our expectations. Before we initiated any marketing effort, we have signed up several major corporations that have their own in-house localization units with major translation volume. Currently, we serve enterprise as well as language service providers. GlobalSight SaaS is our main service but stayed tuned as there are few exciting developments coming up in the next few months.

Localization Smart is a service unit that operates under Globalme Language & Technology and it is lead by the same folks who make impossible possible at Globalme. We are not an another SaaS provider, we use the tools we support full time. We are our own client, which means we understand localization and translation management needs from the top to bottom. You ask us a question and we know the answer.

To learn more about our team, refer to our profile on Globalme website or even better, contact us.